Traditional Technique with a Twist

Freehand yo-yoing is similar to traditional yo-yoing in all but one way. Instead of tying the string to your finger in the usual fashion, you attach the string to a weighted die or other object, called a counterweight, and then hold this in your hand. This gives you the ability to release the counterweight during yo-yo play and opens up an entire new realm of yo-yo trick possibilities which are simply impossible when the yo-yo is tied to your hand.

Mastering freehand play is an accomplishment few yo-yo players ever achieve

With the string attached to the counterweight, the yo-yo player holds the weight in their hand, and then throws the yo-yo, holding the counterweight by a short length of string all the while. With the yo-yo spinning and in play, the yo-yo player may perform maneuvers which utilize the “free hand” granted by the counterweight: namely, to release the counterweight from one’s hand.

Find a New World of Tricks

Freehand is truly one of the most interesting styles of yo-yo play, and we believe it’s the future. Let go of your inhibitions and traditional yo-yo hang-ups: tie a counterweight to a string, and you may find a new world of tricks as you embark on a rich new yo-yo experience.

Freehand tricks often utilize circular momentum, bouncing of the counterweight off the body of the player, and other kinetic motions, but the lack of restrictions levied on the freehand player allows her to invent some incredibly original and unique tricks.

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