• Szymon Matuszak

    1A Division
    More About Szymon Matuszak

    Szymon is one of the brightest stars in the current scene in Poland. With how creative his tricks are and how fast he is growing in the yo-yo scene, we are certain Szymon is destined for greatness. We believe Szymon will make a big impact on the Polish, European, and world community of yo-yo tricks soon, and we wait with baited breath on what he will do next. He is truly a breath of fresh air in the current world of yo-yo and we are super happy to say that Szymon is the next generation of yo-yo.

  • Cristian Belafano

    3A Division, 1A Division, National 2nd Runner-Up (Indonesia 2018)
    More About Cristian Belafano

    Cristian was the first member of team Duncan Next Generation, and he has carried that baton well. An excellent 3A player, Cristian placed third in the two-handed division of the Indonesia National Yo-Yo Contest in 2018. His 1A, too, is something to look out for the in the future and we see a bright future in Cristian.

  • Zion Wilson-Chambers

    Illinois, USA
    1A Division, Regional Finalist (Mideast America)
    More About Zion Wilson-Chambers

    We first discovered Zion through team member Owen Ekblad. Having beat Owen in the prelim division at the Illinois State Yo-Yo Contest, Zion struck up a rivalry with Owen, making it clear he was a force to be reckoned with then and he remains a force to be reckoned with now. His fast and technical style of play points to a future of competitive dominance, and Zion Wilson-Chambers is certainly a name you will hear more of.

  • Jon Maravilla

    United States
    1A Division
    More About Jon Maravilla

    Jon is a very talented yo-yo player. Having only been yo-yoing a few years, he has already mastered a wide array of tricks and his trickset is very impressive. When he isn’t yo-yoing, you can find him on the ice, in high-level figure skating competitions tearing it up there as he tears it up in yo-yo. His drive is impressive and we know he will do great things.

  • Miles Lance

    United States
    1A Division, Regional Finalist (Northeast America)
    More About Miles Lance

    Miles of one of many incredible yo-yo players to come out of the northeastern United States. A member of the thriving New England yo-yo scene, Miles brings something different and new to the table at Duncan and pushes other yo-yo players from the northeast to try that much harder. Miles is the future of American yo-yoing.

  • Sota Fujita

    1A Division
    More About Sota Fujita

    We first discovered Sota on Instagram. He posts so many incredible tricks so regularly that it can be difficult to keep up with his new tricks, but it is so worth it. Sota is the future of Japanese yo-yoing, and the future of yo-yoing as a whole, and we are so excited to have him on team Duncan Next Generation.