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Have you seen team member Jonathan Sitanggang’s tricks lately? I mean, COME ON. This dude plays yo-yo like a river flowing steadily through a tranquil countryside: His tricks are elegant, entrancing, yet undeniably forceful; A beautiful force of nature, graceful yet strong. The soliloquies this man’s yo-yo play inspires... It is this art in motion, this masterful play, that fueled the design process behind his new signature yo-yo: The GTR-JS. ⁣⁣
As the name suggests, the GTR-JS used the GTR as a starting place. Jonathan, liking how the GTR meshed with his yo-yo play, saw potential in taking this already-premium yo-yo to the next level. Jonathan’s play style--remember the river analogy?--demands a highly maneuverable yet powerful yo-yo, a yo-yo to act as the river’s current in long, flowy combos, and the GTR-JS is just that. So we changed the hub and weight distribution around on the GTR to create the GTR-JS: A yo-yo that spins with great force, yet maintains full controllability and handles hard-hitting tricks with ease, allowing the yo-yo player to channel this yo-yo’s power to their wildest creative will. ⁣⁣
Skill Level : Expert / Professional
Weight : 64.4 g
Materiel : Aluminum
Diameter : 56 mm
Width : 45.16 mm
Color: Black