Haymaker OG Yo-Yo

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The Haymaker OG came out of nowhere and walloped us at the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest. It's inspired by the Israeli champion Tal Mordoch's signature model, Orbital (first run).

The standout specs are definitely its size and weight. It's still using a full sized size C bearing, but at 61 grams it's decidedly a lightweight fighter. Although the specs place it squarely in the middle sized category, for a bimetal yo-yo it feels almost undersized. That gives it a really interesting balance; while being small and nimble, it still has the power and stability of a bimetal throw.
Skill Level : Expert / Professional
Weight : 64.4 g
Materiel : Aluminum
Diameter : 56 mm
Width : 45.16 mm
Color: Blue