Orbital GTX Yo-Yo

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As tricks evolve, so do yo-yos. The new Orbital GTX is one of our wildest competition-oriented designs. It's wide, powerful and floaty, and it doesn't end there. While this updated version is bigger compared to the 2017 Orbital, we were able to keep the catch zone as small as possible and that leads to an elegant and really comfortable yo-yo to play with. The new rim and weight specifications are the key players here. The rim is thicker and wider in diameter which gave us a way to make this yo-yo rim-weighted to increase spin-time and comfort. The weight is two grams lighter for easier rail combos and optimizing better horizontal tricks. These are the top two things we wanted on the massive upgrade. Even though the new Orbital GTX is lighter, the execution of the weight distribution is consistent, which leads to unmatched spin time for a yo-yo that is so light on the string. Another note to take here is that the gap was reduced by 0.25mm which changes the way this yo-yo plays, making it easy and smooth for all the regens and binds!
Skill Level : Expert / Professional
Material : Aluminum
Color: Silver/gold