Pick 'N Pass

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Get your kids playing outside with the Pick 'N Pass from Duncan Toys. This fun toy will keep any child occupied for hours as they catch and throw the ball to each other. Incredibly easy to use, this toy is a great way to spend an afternoon. Just toss the ball into the air and use the retriever to catch it. Recommended for children over the age of six, the user will be able to toss the ball up to themselves or they can play a game of catch with a friend or family member. Each set comes with two passers and one 3.25-inch heavy-duty ball. The equipment is made from a durable and sturdy material that will not easily break or fall apart. Play with this toy in your backyard or bring it with you to the beach, park, or other outside gathering. This game gives a cool twist to the classic pass-and-catch game. Let your imagination run wild with the Pick 'N Pass from Duncan Toys.