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Yoshicuda X is a variation of the Barracuda X. It features the same shape but a different cup zone, weight, and diameter.

We decided to release two versions because as we grow our brand and team, we wanted to ensure we continue to offer enough variety to please both our fans and our team, so when Yoshihiro Abe showed interest in a modified Barracuda X we just had to oblige.

The Barracuda X is 1.9mm larger compared to the Yoshicuda X that gives both a similar look, but makes play an entirely different world. As far as width is concerned, it is pretty close, but we had to adjust a tiny bit more of the Yoshicuda X for tolerance purposes.

Overall, the weight and size are the playmakers here.

Barracuda X tends to be a standard sized yo-yo but incredibly light and floaty, so we took advantage of the 7075 aluminium and stainless steel material. Making it fast but maintaining a strong spin-time.

Yoshicuda X - This is a little undersized, but don't be deceived by the size; this is 2g heavier compared to Barracuda X to give you the maximum performance in a smaller package.

Skill Level : Expert / Professional
Materiel : Aluminum
Color: Blue/silver