Duncan Counterpunch

Duncan Counterpunch
Bryan Jardin
Bryan Jardin


The punches are thrown at you, but you're on the offensive, you're agile. You're prepared to fight back, to get the better of your opponent. A jab, a parry, --COUNTERPUNCH! You deliver a blow square on the jaw. ONE... TWO... TEN! The bells ring, and you have won.

The Counterpunch is the newest addition to our line of high-end but affordable aluminum yo-yos. Designed by team member and yo-yo veteran Chase Baxter, the Counterpunch is well-equipped to face any tricks thrown at it. When we first released the Counterpunch at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Shanghai, China, it was a great success. Our team loved it; our fans loved it. You will love it, too.

The Counterpunch is best described as a synthesis between the float of a butterfly and the string of a bee. It's agile and strong, hefty and floaty. Although it features large rims and a powerful profile, don't be deceived into thinking this yo-yo is simply a heavy-hitter. It is truly an all around and very capable yo-yo, perfect for designer Chase Baxter's mellow style and Yoshihiro Abe's high-paced and extreme style alike.

The Counterpunch is available in a steely gray, a smooth rose, a bold red, a sharp blue, and a eye-catching yellow/blue splash. Coming Novemeber 16.

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