New Yo-Yos!

New Yo-Yos!
Bryan Jardin
Bryan Jardin

In the last two years, we’ve been planning, researching and executing on what we have to do in order to serve the community better. Quality? Innovation? Performance? Story? We will have it all for you.

Chapter 1: Better metal yo-yos for team and the community. Presenting, the Windrunner 7068, Metal Drifter XL and eXit 8!


Windrunner 7068

The Windrunner was a hit and a wonder. It was designed to be a budget competition yo-yo that was easily accessible to the fans at an economical price point and with unmatched availability. It was readily available worldwide, and was a powerful yo-yo with features desirable to any competitive yo-yo player. The Windrunner was a hit and a wonder, but it wasn’t a one-hit wonder.

Since the Windrunner was such a big hit, and fell into the hands of practically the entire yo-yo community, there was a lot of feedback about possible improvements that could be made. They loved the price point and the design, but wanted some fine tuning. They wanted a little change in the weight distribution. They wanted something a little floatier, a little better for rail combos, a little better for horizontal play. They wanted a longer axle for durability. They asked for a more premium yo-yo that retained the affordability. So what did we do? We listened, and we delivered.

The Windrunner 7068 is a premium yo-yo at an economical price. It is time-tested, perfected, and better than ever. Say hello to the new best budget yo-yo, Windrunner 7068!

Weight: 64.7 g | Diameter: 56 mm | Width: 43.50 mm: | Material: A7068


Metal Drifter XL

The Metal Drifter is a classic Duncan model loved by many. It has a fun, easygoing vibe that is infectious. So we took that spirit and put it into a larger, more powerful body. The result is a highly playable and surprisingly good yo-yo.

It plays just like a normal sized yo-yo insofar as it is maneuverable and very easy to use, yet it plays just like an oversized yo-yo when it comes to stability, reliability, and enjoyability. Everyone loves oversized yo-yos because they’re “fun”. We made a fun, oversized yo-yo that doesn’t compromise on serious playability. It glides through the air with both the agility of a far smaller yo-yo and the heft of a far larger yo-yo.

It’s a contradiction, it doesn’t make sense, it’s just large metal attached to a string. It’s the best of both worlds and you absolutely need to try it.

Weight: 70.8 g | Diameter: 64.90 mm | Width: 45.56 mm: | Material: A6061

eXit 8


The new eXit 8 is here! Designed by Takeshi Kamisato, a Duncan legend and world-renowned skill toy master! Our focus here was to update the Exit 8 design to fit the current meta of yo-yoing. The final result is a masterpiece! It’s just undersized enough that gives you all the comfort of an undersized yo-yo, but features a bi-metal placement that gives you a unique feeling, strong spin-time and an astonishing look!


Weight: 65.8 g | Diameter: 52.50 mm | Width: 42.70 mm: | Material: A7075/SS

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