Freehand vs Big Fun

Freehand vs Big Fun
Bryan Jardin
Bryan Jardin

Excuse me with the visible dings on the yo-yos, I was so excited to play with my Freehand outside. I was playing with my Freehand and the yo-yo accidentally flew… Literally across the street! It survived though, and you can see the love marks…

But enough of my story! Below is the side by side comparison of Big Fun and Freehand!


Freehand™ NextGen 57.95mm | Big Fun™ 63.50mm



Freehand™ NextGen 40.46mm | Big Fun™ 44.25mm

As you can see, the Big Fun™ is definitely bigger in diameter and width. But don’t be deceived by the smaller size of the Freehand! The NextGen has a unique personality when it comes to playability. The old school soul of Freehand still lives in the NextGen, but with a sprinkle of modern yo-yoing. For example, spin time is way better compared to the previous Freehands. Because of the weight distribution as well as the new molded caps, we were able to achieve the perfect Freehand model that we’ve been chasing for almost two decades. The overall look is a hybrid of the Freehand 1 and the Freehand Pro. We wanted to go back to a slimmer model, like the Freehand 1, but, as you can see, we added cuts and edges that were heavily inspired by the Freehand Pro.

As far as the Big Fun™ specialties, it’s hard to compare. There was no predecessor to base the Big Fun™ on, it was started from scratch, but our goal was to create a floaty, big yo-yo and that was finger spin ready.

Took this photo while holding the camera..

Closer look of the Big Fun™ hub for fingerspin tricks.

The large size means that spin time and stability are top-notch. It’s about as durable as any of our past plastic yo-yos, but what makes the Big Fun™ special is it features a new tuning system which allows you to retune the yo-yo to its original state if you accidentally drop it or hit it hard! The Freehand NextGen also features this great new tuning system.

Curious about the new tuning system? We'll post an informational video later this month, showing the tuning process and the technology behind it!

Expect both to be released on December 15th EST on the Duncan website and at Duncan retailers worldwide.

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