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  • Duncan Tourney by Owen Ekblad

    Duncan Tourney by Owen Ekblad

    Taking the double-rimmed yo-yos to the next level: Introducing, the Tourney! Signature yo-yo of Owen Ekblad.

  • World Scout Jamboree: 14 days of Yo-Yo

    World Scout Jamboree: 14 days of Yo-Yo

    Every four years, there are at least 55,000 Scout attendees at the WSJ!
  • Duncan Butterfly XT 2019

    Duncan Butterfly XT 2019

    We released six metal yo-yos in just under four months.
  • BarracudaX & YoshicudaX

    BarracudaX & YoshicudaX

    If you’ve been following our bimetal yo-yos, you know what we’ve been up to.
  • Takeshi Kamisato & eXit 8

    Takeshi Kamisato & eXit 8

    Few players have contributed more to the yo-yo community and in so many ways as Takeshi Kamisato.
  • New Yo-Yos!

    New Yo-Yos!

    In the last two years, we’ve been planning, researching and executing on what we have to do in order to serve the community better.
  • Delta Weight - Adjustable Counterweight

    Delta Weight - Adjustable Counterweight

    Introducing, our newest creation, the Delta Weight!
  • Janos Karancz Q/A

    Janos Karancz Q/A

    When did you starting yo-yoing? In 2005 my classmates in primary school started playing yo-yo, and I was captivated by it.
  • World Champion Janos Karancz - Grasshopper GTX

    World Champion Janos Karancz - Grasshopper GTX

    We didn’t plan on revising the Grasshopper... Until János needed a new one. 
  • Duncan Toys - 90th Anniversary

    Duncan Toys - 90th Anniversary

    This year is our 90th anniversary, and, looking back at all these years, we couldn’t be happier with the growth our brand has achieved. 
  • Freehand vs Big Fun

    Freehand vs Big Fun

    Excuse me with the visible dings on the yo-yos, I was so excited to play with my Freehand outside.
  • Freehand and Big Fun Release Dates

    Freehand and Big Fun Release Dates

    The Freehand NextGen and Big Fun are releasing, more info inside!
  • Freehand™ NextGen

    Freehand™ NextGen

    The Freehand™ is one of our most iconic yo-yos. We have made several versions over the years, but the Freehand™ NextGen is extraordinary.
  • Big Fun ™ Yo-Yo

    The Big Fun™ is the newest addition to our plastic line. Our goal? To make it BIG and FUN!
  • Duncan Counterpunch

    Duncan Counterpunch

    Combining the float of a butterfly and the sting of a bee into one comprehensive package, the Counterpunch is agility and heft all in one.
  • Massachusetts State Yo-Yo Contest

    Massachusetts State Yo-Yo Contest

    Team Duncan destroyed the competition at the highly-competitive MA State Yo-Yo Contest!